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Klawitter Family Homestead 1 balance lite dark.jpg
From John Klawitter:

"Did you know that my grandfather, Robert Reinhold Klawitter built the house just down the street from you at 3004 Chicago road, hand built by himself in 1906 from blueprints he bought from the Sears & Roebucks Catalog? ...…

Photo of Angelo Mongillo (left), early Steger resident and former owner of the Steger Tavern located at Union Avenue and 35th Street. Seated in front is his seven year old son, Tony, who had just arrived to the United States in October 1912 with his…

Early Steger family posing in front of a home on Union Avenue. Shown: Angelo Mongillo and family. Mr. Mongillo owned the Steger Tavern at Chicago Road and 35th Street.

Steger School System 1959 to 1960.pdf
A yearbook of Steger schools from the 1959-1960 school year.

History of SCH Michalek.pdf
A written history of South Chicago Heights

Bicentennial Book SCH 1976.pdf
A booklet published in 1976 in celebration of the US bicentennial and South Chicago Height's history.

Photos 1974a.jpg
A stack of developed photos that feature locations from South Chicago Heights in 1974, including gas stations, stores, homes, playgrounds, and industrial areas.

Steger Name change postmaster general.pdf
Copy of letter from the postmaster general in 1900 denying the request from the village of Steger to rename the local post office from "Columbia Heights" to Steger.

South Chicago Heights Volunteer Fire Department 1939.jpg
Photo of volunteer SCH volunteer firefighters, 1939.

Middle row:
5 from left: Otto Heft
9th from left: Russell Wickwire, at one time the fire chief
10th from left: Edmund Heft, served as treasurer


South Chicago Heights Fire Department undated_Page_1.jpg
South Chicago Heights Volunteer Fire Department, undated

Front Center

1st Row
Alfonso D'Apice, Arthur Rogers, Frank DeLuca, Harry Martin
Lorenzo Pisterzi, Alfonso Iannucci, Emidio Bartolomei

2nd Row
Chief Russell Wickwire, Lawrence…


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