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Browns Hotel History article.pdf
Newspaper article discussing history of Burgel House, which once stood on the northwest corner of Sauk Trail and Chicago Road in South Chicago Heights.

History of SCH Michalek.pdf
A written history of South Chicago Heights

A 1905-1906 datebook belonging to Thomas Brodersen, 1905 Officer of the Steger Federation of Musicians.

Includes officer list, organization Constitution, and an unused datebook for 1905-1906.

Officer list on page 2:
President: H. F.…

Piano Label_Page_1.jpg
Appears to be a label placed on pianos. Still attached to backing, never applied.

Steger Magazine Autumn 1922.pdf

Browns Hotel History.pdf
Written story of Adam Brown, whose family settled on Sauk Trail in what is now South Chicago Heights

Photos 1974a.jpg
A stack of developed photos that feature locations from South Chicago Heights in 1974, including gas stations, stores, homes, playgrounds, and industrial areas.

Steger Magazine Mid-Winter 1922.pdf

Steger Magazine Spring 1922.pdf

Steger Magazine Spring 1923.pdf
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