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South Chicago Heights Volunteer Fire Department 1939.jpg
Photo of volunteer SCH volunteer firefighters, 1939.

Middle row:
5 from left: Otto Heft
9th from left: Russell Wickwire, at one time the fire chief
10th from left: Edmund Heft, served as treasurer


Dari Whip Parade Float.jpg
Photo of Dari Whip parade float, year and individuals unknown


Rearview Singer Piano Co_Page_1.jpg
"Rear view (west) of "Singer Piano Co: along C + E I R R"

Unknown workers.jpg

Photo Unknown Parade 2.jpg

Photo Unknown Parade 1.jpg

Photo Edith Henn McLean.pdf
Back of photo reads "Property of Edith Henn McLean"

Photo Rear view of Singer Piano Co.pdf
Attached note reads "(west) Rear view of Singer Piano Co. near C + E I R R"

Photo unknown ladies in shop.pdf

unk Factory.pdf
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