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Water Fight 1911.jpg
Back of photo reads
"H H Ecen????
Water Fight
Sept 2 1911
Woodman Barbecue
Stager, ILL"

Water Fight 2, 1911_Page_1.jpg
Water fight at Woodman Barbecue, 1911

Bicentennial Book SCH 1976.pdf
A booklet published in 1976 in celebration of the US bicentennial and South Chicago Height's history.

Unknown workers.jpg

Photo Unknown Parade 2.jpg

Photo Unknown Parade 1.jpg

Photo unknown ladies in shop.pdf

Photo Edith Henn McLean.pdf
Back of photo reads "Property of Edith Henn McLean"

unk Factory.pdf

Photo John Valentine Steger.jpg
Undated photo, John Valentine Steger
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