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unk Factory.pdf

Photo unknown ladies in shop.pdf

Photo Rear view of Singer Piano Co.pdf
Attached note reads "(west) Rear view of Singer Piano Co. near C + E I R R"

Photo Edith Henn McLean.pdf
Back of photo reads "Property of Edith Henn McLean"

Photo Unknown Parade 1.jpg

Photo Unknown Parade 2.jpg

Unknown workers.jpg

Rearview Singer Piano Co_Page_1.jpg
"Rear view (west) of "Singer Piano Co: along C + E I R R"

Dari Whip Parade Float.jpg
Photo of Dari Whip parade float, year and individuals unknown


South Chicago Heights Volunteer Fire Department 1939.jpg
Photo of volunteer SCH volunteer firefighters, 1939.

Middle row:
5 from left: Otto Heft
9th from left: Russell Wickwire, at one time the fire chief
10th from left: Edmund Heft, served as treasurer


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