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Photos around Town: Steger


Photos from around Steger


Photos from around Steger, circa 1890 - 1972


1890 - 1972


Steger, Illinois

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C & E.I. Railroad Station, 1917
C & E.I. Railroad Station, 1917. Undated note attached on back states "The building exists today as a storage facility for H. Moenck & Sons."

Corner of Steger Road and Chicago Road, 1930s
Corner of Steger Road and Chicago Road, 1930s. Submitted by Frank and Carol Alexander

First Congregational Church, 1900
First Congregational Church, 1900. Undated attached note reads "First Congregational Church -- original building on the corner of Steger Rd. and Florence -- 1900"

Highway Barber Shop, 1938
Highway Barber Shop, 1938. Submitted by Andy Paolella. Undated note reads "In front of the Highway Barber Shop, East side of Chicago Road, So. of 34th St. 1938. L-R: Police Chief Mike Kloss, Hank the Barber, Larry the Barber Paolella, and Andy…

Home of Steger Piano
Found on an undated poster at the Steger-South Chicago Heights Library with the following note attached:
"1. Original Steger Piano Factory;
2. Second Addition to the Factory;
3. Third Addition to the Factory;
4. Smith Nixon Piano Factory…

Steger Piano Manufacturing Co. 1890s
Steger Piano Manufacturing Co. 1890s. Photo from A Pictoral History of Steger - the Early Years

Steger Piano Factory Demolished 1972
Steger Piano Factory Demolished 1972. Undated note reads "The building the housed the Steger Piano Factory was demolished in 1972. K-Mart is now at that site." K-Mart closed in 2018 but the building remains.

Minstrel Show, Steger Hall, 1917
Minstrel Show, Steger Hall, 1917

Rear of Steger Piano Factory, circa 1900
Rear of Steger Piano Factory, circa 1900. Undated note says "Rear of the Steger Piano Factory looking SW from the C & E I Tracks, north of 34th St. circa 1900"
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