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Steger/South Chicago Heights Residents, early 1900s

Klawitter Family Homestead 1 balance lite dark.jpg

Photos of early residents of Steger and South Chicago Heights, shared by their descendants or estates.

1974 Photo Stack, South Chicago Heights

Photos 1974a.jpg

A collection of photographs showing outdoor locations in South Chicago Heights, including locations on Sauk Trail and Chicago Road, gas stations,…

Contributors: Unknown

Miscellaneous History

Songs of Kiwanis 1921.pdf

Written Histories: Steger

Steger Name change postmaster general.pdf

Newspaper Articles: South Chicago Heights

Browns Hotel History article.pdf

Unknown Photos: South Chicago Heights

South Chicago Heights Fire Department undated_Page_1.jpg

Train Wreck outside Steger Piano Factory, July 14, 1905

Train wreck 4.jpg

Postcards: Steger

Postcard 11_Page_1.jpg

Collection of undated, unused postcards featuring historic sites in Steger

Unknown Photos

South Chicago Heights Volunteer Fire Department 1939.jpg

Photos from the Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library local history archive that do not have any information attached to them.

Odds and Ends: Steger

Steger School System 1959 to 1960.pdf

Books, Receipts, Newspaper Articles concerning Steger