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We are in the process of digitizing the local history collection from the Steger Historical Society, the South Chicago Heights Historical Society, and personal donations that are housed at the Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library.

You'll see some things here that make you feel happy, and maybe some that make you sad, too, but we look forward to creating this space where we can see what life was like for the people who used to live in our neighborhoods.  

Many of these items are missing key information. If you recognize any of the individuals, locations, or dates, or would like to contribute to the collection, please email

Recently Added Items

Family photo: Klawitter Family Homestead, early 1900s

Klawitter Family Homestead 1 balance lite dark.jpg

From John Klawitter:

"Did you know that my grandfather, Robert Reinhold Klawitter built the house just down the street from you at 3004 Chicago…

Family photo, Steger residents: Angelo Mongillo and family, 1912


Photo of Angelo Mongillo (left), early Steger resident and former owner of the Steger Tavern located at Union Avenue and 35th Street. Seated in front…

Family photo, Steger residents: Angelo Mongillo and family


Early Steger family posing in front of a home on Union Avenue. Shown: Angelo Mongillo and family. Mr. Mongillo owned the Steger Tavern at Chicago Road…